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The Mathematical Universe Hypothesis

“Our external physical reality is a mathematical structure.” That’s how Wikipedia sums up the cosmologist Max Tegmark’s mathematical universe hypothesis. Looks as if some conceptual untangling is needed. Scott Aaronson makes a great start in a wonderful blogpost here.

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Teach Yourself Logic, again

There’s an even bigger, even better, shiny new Version 10.0 of the TYL Study Guide now available at the usual URL  Form an orderly queue … The  structure of the Guide has significantly changed again (hence the jump in … Continue reading

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Logic matters, but not that much, apparently …

Looking at the Leiter blog … and no, this isn’t going to be about certain recent kerfuffles, where there has perhaps been rather too much rushing to judgement. As I was saying, looking at the Leiter blog, I’m struck by … Continue reading

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A few quiet updates

Some recent changes/additions to the site: There was a quiet update of Godel Without (too many) Tears a couple of weeks ago adding a new section, and slightly tinkering with what I say about recursive-but-not-primitive-recursive functions to remove a possible … Continue reading

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