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Angela Hewitt plays the Art of Fugue

Last night here in Cambridge, a truly remarkable concert. Remarkable for a start that such an austere programme — a performance of the Art Of Fugue on the piano — was sold out, and to an audience seemingly of much … Continue reading

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Recursive pleasures

I’m much enjoying at the moment re-reading Hartley Rodgers’s Theory of Recursive Functions and Effective Computability. What prompts me to take the book off the shelf again is the treatment of constructive ordinals some two hundred pages in; but (one of the … Continue reading

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The consistency of NF

Randall Holmes on his website now says he  … currently claim[s] to have a proof of the consistency of New Foundations. The current document describing the proof is here. Comments and questions from those who understand the technical issues are very … Continue reading

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Teach Yourself Logic, new layout

The Teach Yourself Logic Guide has a new look. Now, instead of being a standard A4 PDF, it should be an ideal size for reading on screen. Read it either (i) on an iPad (download in Safari, open e.g. in … Continue reading

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The Pavel Haas Quartet live, again

One of the delights and frustrations of concert-going is how unpredictable the experience can be. Fine ensembles can have off-days. Less regarded players can capture the moment and transport you for a couple of hours. On the frustrating side, then, … Continue reading

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