The consistency of NF

Randall Holmes on his website now says he

 … currently claim[s] to have a proof of the consistency of New Foundations. The current document describing the proof is here. Comments and questions from those who understand the technical issues are very welcome; I apologize in advance for the still difficult state of the text, and I am sure that I don’t yet have all the bugs out.

If you have an amateur philosophical interest in NF, I do not think it likely that you will get anything out of this very technical and not yet very polished document, and I am not likely to answer your questions about it. Be advised that in my opinion (which I know is not universal) the famed NF consistency problem has nothing at all to do with philosophical issues which Quine’s set theory might be taken to address: I think that NFU addresses these issues to exactly the same extent and its consistency and mathematical strength have been settled issues since 1969.

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