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Parsons #4: Gödel

There are four pieces on Kurt Gödel in Parsons’s Philosophy of Mathematics in the Twentieth Century. The first is just ten pages long, and is an encyclopaedia-style entry on Gödel from the 2005 Dictionary of Modern American Philosophers. It seems to me … Continue reading

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Bernays on sets and classes

Prompted by his two pieces on Bernays as philosopher, I’ve found myself pausing before reading on in Parsons’s book to step sideways and remind myself about Bernays the set-theorist. I confess I’d not before dipped into Bernays’s little 1958 book Axiomatic … Continue reading

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Pavel Haas Qt play Smetena 2nd Qt

The Pavel Haas, playing Smetena’s 2nd Quartet live on the BBC, starting about 36 minutes into this programme. [Radio programme now longer available.] They were en route to Aldeburgh: here’s a review of their performance. I foolishly left trying to get tickets … Continue reading

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Veronese again

We went to the Veronese exhibition at the National Gallery just after it opened, and were quite bowled over. So we revisited it yesterday, and are more than glad we did so. It was a particular delight to see again the portraits of Iseppo … Continue reading

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Parsons #3: Bernays (continued)

We noted a couple of the most familiar early papers by Bernays, and picked out a prominent theme —  a kind of anti-foundationalism (as Parsons labels it). Perhaps we can give finitary arithmetic some distinctive kind of justification (in intuition? in ‘formal … Continue reading

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Parsons #2: Bernays

I guess for many — most? — of us (the anglophone, non-German-reading us), our initial acquaintance with Paul Bernays as a philosopher of mathematics was via his 1934 lecture ‘On platonism in mathematics’ reprinted in the Benacerraf and Putnam collection Philosophy of Mathematics. In retrospect, the important … Continue reading

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Aberystwyth sunset

The Guardian has published its latest rankings of UK universities. These things mustn’t be taken too seriously, of course. But I see that Aberystwyth, where I taught for the first half my career, has now plummeted from 50th overall three years ago to 106th … Continue reading

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M.M. McCabe: the crisis of the universities

Talking together, talking to ourselves: Socrates and the crisis of the universities. Here Prof. McCabe says with passion and eloquence and learning what many of us think and sometimes, so much more stumblingly, try to express. Three cheers! I hope that … Continue reading

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