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Back to school …

Once upon a lifetime ago, I took Part III of the Maths Tripos. In fact, rather alarmingly, I started exactly fifty years ago this term. And it was tough. You had to aim to do over the year (the equivalent … Continue reading

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Saffron Hall/Brodsky Quartet

We’ve just made our first visit to a concert at Saffron Hall, less than forty minutes from Cambridge. This is a multi-purpose hall newly built as part of Saffron Walden County High School and opened at the very end of … Continue reading

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Quick book note: Pollard’s Mathematical Prelude to the Philosophy of Maths

“This book is based on two premises: one cannot understand philosophy of mathematics without understanding mathematics and one cannot understand mathematics without doing mathematics.” Thus the blurb of Stephen Pollard’s recent book A Mathematical Prelude to the Philosophy of Mathematics … Continue reading

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More logic, phil. maths, foundations blogs?

Brian Weatherson has an interesting new blogroll of “active philosophy blogs” with “substantive” content [update: where Logic Matters now gets a mention!]. Inspired by that, I thought it was more than time to update the blogroll here. So alongside are now two short blogrolls to be … Continue reading

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