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Quick book note: Stewart Shapiro’s Varieties of Logic

Stewart Shapiro’s very readable short book Varieties of Logic (OUP, 2014) exhibits the author’s characteristic virtues of great clarity and a lot of learning carried lightly. I found it, though, to be uncharacteristically disappointing. Perhaps that’s because for me, in some key respects, … Continue reading

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Philosophers being offensive

If philosophers want to be really offensive, at least do it with style. I’m reminded of a story about my favourite Cambridge philosopher, C.D. Broad. Not entirely a nice man. A long time colleague of his at Trinity was the … Continue reading

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The Very Short Teach Yourself Logic Guide

I seem to have gone full circle! The very first instalment of the TYL Study Guide was a short blogpost here. Then things grew. And grew. Until we get to the current 100 page PDF monster — and that’s only as short(!) … Continue reading

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Gillian Bennett: on doing the brave, decent and loving thing

If you happened not to see her final testimony and plea for the legalization of assisted suicide, then do read these very moving webpages left by Gillian Bennett (the wife for 57 years of that fine philosopher Jonathan Bennett) who … Continue reading

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One little “}”

No, you didn’t need new spectacles. One little “}” missing, and the last half of the lovingly crafted TYL version 12.0 was all in the smaller font intended for postscripts and asides. Pah! Sometimes is annoying. Just a tinsy bit. OK, so here’s version … Continue reading

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Teach Yourself Logic, version 12.0

In time for the new semester/new term/new academic year (depending on how things are chunked up in your neck of the woods), there’s a new version of the Teach Yourself Logic Study Guide and a supplementary page on Category Theory, … Continue reading

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Model theory without tears?

Ah well, you win some and you lose some. I was writing for months about recursive ordinals and proof theory with a view to a short-ish book. And now, quite a way in, I realise that I have to go … Continue reading

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Hilbert’s Foundations/Logic Lectures

I’ve just been spending a couple of days looking at the massive volume of David Hilbert’s Lectures on the Foundations of Arithmetic and Logic 1917-1933, edited by William Ewald and Wilfried Sieg (Springer 2013), which has at last arrived in the library … Continue reading

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Cutting the TYL Guide down to size

The Teach Yourself Logic Guide was getting rather ridiculously bloated — 138 pages in the previous version. Oops. That was getting distinctly out of hand. I was losing sight of the originally intended purpose of the Guide. Time to re-boot … Continue reading

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Category theory in two sentences

Tom Leinster’s book Basic Category Theory  arrived today on the new book shelves at the CUP bookshop.  I just love the opening two sentences, which seem about as good a minimal sketch of what category theory is up to as … Continue reading

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