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Those suggested readings for PhD students? A sceptical response

Earlier this month, at the usually highly admirable The Philosopher’s Stone, Robert Paul Wolff posted a list of “twenty-five books by great philosophers that every grad student should read by the time he or she gets the PhD”. The list was … Continue reading

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Spam, spam, spam, spam ….

There are only two options for any blog. Allow no comments at all; or have a spam-filter. No way can you moderate by hand all the comments that arrive. For example, in the last six months — reports the plug-in … Continue reading

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Be smart by being systematic?

I’ve just got this notice of tomorrow’s Trinity Maths Society meeting (details of when/where at that link, if you are in Cambridge). Sounds as if it should be fascinating … Prof Tim Gowers FRS (DPMMS): “Can interesting mathematics problems be solved … Continue reading

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Being smart, being judged smart

There’s recently been a lot of fuss (including on some philosophy blogs) about a short paper by Sarah-Jane Leslie et al., that purports to show that  “women are under-represented in fields whose practitioners believe that raw, innate talent is the main … Continue reading

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What’s so great about sets?

Here’s something I wrote a while back to answer a question on math.stackexchange about why sets and set theory should (or shouldn’t) be thought to have a special place in maths. Following a link on a related matter I found … Continue reading

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Reasons to be cheerful

New CDs are announced from some musicians whom I admire immensely. For a start, later this month, David Fray is releasing a disk of Schubert’s great G major piano sonata, the four-hand Fantasia D940 and “Lebenssturme” D947 (with Jacques Rouvier). As I’ve … Continue reading

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Category Theory 2015

My main logical resolution for 2015 is to get to know quite a bit more category theory. Well, it’s fun, I find it aesthetically very appealing, there are some super-smart category theory people here in Cambridge — and there seem … Continue reading

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Teach Yourself Logic 2015

Back to logic after the festivities. Easing myself in very gently, here’s A new version of the Teach Yourself Logic Guide. This is largely a ‘maintenance’ release of the study guide to the literature for upper undergrads/grads wanting to teach themselves … Continue reading

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