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The Chiaroscuro Quartet: Mozart and Mendelssohn

This is currently my favourite late-evening listening among recent releases — it’s the third CD by the Chiaroscuro Quartet. Each CD couples one of the Mozart Haydn quartets with another work: this time it is Mozart’s Qt 15, K. 421 … Continue reading

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Blue Monica

Monica Vitti — for those who still end up at Logic Matters because of that little flurry of pictures of that icon of the Italian films of my youth which I posted a few years ago.

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A little problem in high school geometry

Let E be the midpoint of the side AD of a square ABCD. Problem: Determine which has the greater perimeter, the square ABCD or the circle through E, B, C?  (You can assume you know the value of π. Otherwise … Continue reading

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Category theory: status report

It is an irksome habit, and I wish I could break it and plough on regardless. But I always find when writing anything lengthy that there comes a point by which I’ve accumulated enough little niggling worries about things I’ve already said that … Continue reading

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893 posts later …

The Logic Matters blog started, back in the olden days, on March 9, 2006. It’s our ninth birthday. Will there be cake? So here we are, at post number 894. The two stats packages which monitor Logic Matters give very disparate results, but a thousand … Continue reading

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David Fray plays Schubert: Fantaisie

I buy too many CDs and we go to a fair number of concerts, and so I usually blog only about some of the ‘five star’ discs or concerts which bowl me over. Which does mean that when I do offer … Continue reading

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