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Barnaby Sheppard’s The Logic of Infinity — website

I haven’t yet reviewed Barnaby Sheppard’s The Logic of Infinity (CUP 2104) here — and I don’t know if I will, for even if time may be infinite, that allotted to me certainly isn’t! But when I dipped into the book, … Continue reading

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Brilliant indeed

I was going to post about the delights of Amsterdam as a place to visit for a week — the cityscapes, the cafes, the restaurants, the museums large and small, the whole urban experience, all even better than we had … Continue reading

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Notes on Category Theory v.5

Here is an updated version of my on-going Notes on Category Theory, now 130 pp. long. I have done an amount of revision/clarification of earlier chapters, and added two new chapters — inserting a new Ch. 7 on categories of categories and issues … Continue reading

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Books published in the first quarter of 2015?

What books on logic (mathematical or philosophical logic) and/or philosophy of maths have been published in the first quarter of 2015? There’s John Burgess’s Rigor and Structure which I have started blogging about here. But what else has appeared so … Continue reading

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Mathematical depth

In our Mind review of Penelope Maddy’s Defending the Axioms, Luca Incurvati and I were rather skeptical about whether she could really rely on the notion of mathematical depth to do as much work as she wants it to do in … Continue reading

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