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I haven’t yet reviewed Barnaby Sheppard’s The Logic of Infinity (CUP 2104) here — and I don’t know if I will, for even if time may be infinite, that allotted to me certainly isn’t! But when I dipped into the book, it looked a Really Good Thing which could of be real use to its intended audience of near beginners in mathematics whose imaginations might be captured by foundational questions.

Now I know only too well what it is like to publish a book with technical aspects and then find the inevitable typos and thinkos and sheer mistakes. At least the internet makes it possible to ease the pain a bit by giving you a second chance to explain what, really, you meant to say. But readers need to know where to look. So as a friendly gesture to a fellow author, let help me spread the word that Barnaby Sheppard has now set up a small website for errata for his book.

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  1. Thank you Peter! This has helped to reduce some of the considerable stress associated with making silly mathematical mistakes in public.

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