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Notes on Category Theory, v.7

Progress seems to have been a bit slow for various reasons, but I have now added two short-ish chapters to the Notes on Category Theory. One is a chapter on Exponentials added between the chapters on limits and the start of … Continue reading

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Notes on Category Theory v.6b

Illness (not so great) followed by fortnight’s holiday (really excellent) stopped work on category theory for a while. Very slowly getting back to it. But in the meantime, a number of people have very kindly been sending corrections to the … Continue reading

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Peter Cropper, 1945–2015

It is very sad to hear of the untimely death of Peter Cropper, for forty years the inspirational and charismatic leader of the Lindsay String Quartet. When we lived in Sheffield, we often went to hear the Lindsays play at … Continue reading

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Logical snippets (again)

[Updating a post from fifteen months back.] For almost three years now, I’ve been a contributor to the useful question-and-answer site, This is a student-orientated forum, not to be confused with the truly wonderful which is its research-level … Continue reading

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