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Sic transit …

The flood of freely available downloads of pre-2005 mathematics and philosophy books from Springer — including many logical classics, for which I posted a couple of very partial “taster menus” here — didn’t last long! Two days on, the free downloads are … Continue reading

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A Christmas card

With all good wishes for a very happy and peaceful Christmas.

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We have far too many books for a house this small, despite our best efforts to make room on shelves by passing on the unloved or the never-to-be-reread to Oxfam. So these days, we try not to buy a newly published … Continue reading

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Teach Yourself Logic 2016

You need something good to read over the holidays; so here is the Teach Yourself Logic 2016: A Study Guide! For anyone who doesn’t know TYL, it is aimed at philosophers (who have already done a baby logic course) and mathematicians … Continue reading

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Conference: Philosophy of mathematics — truth, existence and explanation.

Philosophy of maths AND Italy — what’s not to like? So let me note that the second conference of the Italian Network for the Philosophy of Mathematics has been announced for 26-28 May 2016, University of Chieti-Pescara, Chieti, Italy.   The invited speakers are Volker … Continue reading

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Book Note: Leary and Kristiansen, A Friendly Introduction …

I’ll return to say more about Tony Roy’s text in a day or two, but here is a new version of my earlier Book Note on the ‘Friendly Introduction to Mathematical Logic’, revised to take into account the expanded second edition. As you will … Continue reading

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Postcard from Florence

To Florence for the better part of six days. The city is as usual wonderful in December, far from the summer heat and the summer crowds of foreign tourists (though we forgot about the Immacolata Concezione holiday, so there are Italian crowds for a … Continue reading

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Book Note: Tony Roy, Symbolic Logic, #2

To continue, then, with the comments on Tony Roy’s  Symbolic Logic: An Accessible Introduction to Serious Mathematical Logic,  Part II is called “Transition: Reasoning about Logic”, and is almost another 100 pages, though it consists of just two chapters. Chapter 7 is a curious … Continue reading

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How about editing ANALYSIS?

The philosophy journal Analysis has only had three editors in the last forty years (a rather remarkable record, I suppose). Christopher Kirwan edited it from late 1976 to 1987; I was editor from 1988 to 1999; and Michael Clark has been editor … Continue reading

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‘But pardon, and gentles all …’

November was a busy month. A wonderful week out in Vienna (not to mention the time out before and after, getting ready and recovering from the excitements!). Reading for the 2016 version of the Teach Yourself Logic guide to be … Continue reading

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