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Book Note: Tony Roy, Symbolic Logic, #1

Tony Roy (Philosophy, California State University, San Bernardino) has generously made available his Symbolic Logic: An Accessible Introduction to Serious Mathematical Logic. I’m commenting here on the version of October 6, 2015. The full main text is no less than 746 pages … Continue reading

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Teach Yourself Logic 2016 — Last call for suggestions!

As I’ve noted, it is time to update the much-downloaded Teach Yourself Logic Study Guide for 2016, and I’ve recently made a start working through the current version.  So far, the editorial tinkering has been plentiful but minor as far as content is … Continue reading

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A moment of cheer

For ever and a day, the old have bemoaned the state of the world and how it is now all going to the dogs. But it is difficult not to feel that, yes, even here in Europe, things really are … Continue reading

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Postcard from Vienna

A week in Vienna, staying in the Innere Stadt where The Daughter is living for three months. Some unreasonably good weather, warm enough to take coffee sitting outside. The city looking wonderful in the bright sun. And then in a different … Continue reading

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Gently into November

I have just put an update for the Gentle Introduction to category theory online. Things have been moving pretty slowly (pressure of other interests, a planned chapter not really working out, spending far too much time revising earlier chapters, etc.); but … Continue reading

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Teach Yourself Logic — suggestions? [Repost]

[I posted this back in August: and I’m moving this to the front of the blog to invite more contributions/suggestions!] I haven’t looked at all at the Teach Yourself Logic Study Guide since the 2015 version came out on January 1st. … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different ….

And it is just Week 3 …

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Moving gently on …

I have various time-consuming plans for the next few weeks and  also need to do quite a bit of reading if I’m to put together a decent update for the Teach Yourself Logic guide for 2016. Hence work on revising the category … Continue reading

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The Aïda of our dreams?

Aïda is perhaps one of those operas where the performance of our dreams is likely to beat any staging: we turn up the headphones, and our imagination does the rest. The much heralded new studio recording of Aida, conducted by … Continue reading

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Git, for the rest of us?

Git is a widely used version control system, much used e.g. by software developers. But others, even writers of one-author paper or book projects,  swear  by it too. Thus Richard Baron writes: The last time the Open Logic Text was discussed on … Continue reading

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