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LaTeX for Logicians refresh

As a bit of distraction from all the other logic-related things I really ought to be doing, I’ve just been tidying the LaTeX for Logicians pages for the first time for a good while. After a bit of re-arrangement here, some … Continue reading

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What is the modern conception of logic? #1

Three and a half years ago, there were a few blogposts here (and also a follow-up document) about whether there is a canonical modern story about how we should conceive of our Ps and Qs, whether we should define validity primarily for … Continue reading

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The all-you-can-eat book buffet

One of the fixtures of the Cambridge year is the annual Cambridge University Press booksale. It lasts for a week or ten days in January, with the shelves continually being replenished as they empty. The Press sell off oodles of … Continue reading

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CD choice #2

I have come very late to appreciate Janáček’s piano music — something I largely owe to two discs by Ivana Gavrić. Her fine first CD, titled after that composer’s In the Mists, was a serendipitous find in an Oxfam shop (it also … Continue reading

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Book Note: Tony Roy, Symbolic Logic, #3

After a longer than intended gap, I return to consider Parts III and IV of Tony Roy’s freely available  Symbolic Logic: An Accessible Introduction to Serious Mathematical Logic. The previous two , rather lukewarm, instalments discussing Parts I and II are here and here (but do please … Continue reading

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Easing gently into 2016

There is a new version of the Gentle Introduction to Category Theory. There are no new chapters this time, but there are some significant additions (I now prove a result about Cartesian closed categories with natural numbers objects, which previously was … Continue reading

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A cheering start to the logical New Year?

Just before Christmas, I put a copy of Teach Yourself Logic 2016 on my rather sparse page. It has since been browsed there over 45,000 times, and then the whole thing downloaded 2,500 times. I’m not sure how many times … Continue reading

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CD choice #1

Those end-of-year lists of recommended books are really rather depressing, aren’t they? Even setting aside the pretentious, the uninviting, the distinctly esoteric, there remain all those novels, all those biographies, all those histories, and much more, books that do sound … Continue reading

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