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Encore #15: Maddy, realism and arealism

Continuing the rather random selection of reposts, as the blog’s tenth birthday approaches, here’s a post from 2011 on a fascinating book by Maddy:  Thin Realism, Arealism, and other Big Ideas (May 30, 2011) Penelope Maddy’s recent Defending the Axioms is my sort of … Continue reading

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Sophie Bevan and the Dunedin Consort

A quite terrific Bach/Handel concert in Trinity College Chapel — the Dunedin Consort with the soprano Sophie Bevan. There’s a very warm review here in the Guardian of the same programme in Glasgow earlier in the week, which writes of Sophie Bevan’s singing: “no … Continue reading

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Structure and categoricity

‘Structure and Categoricity: Determinacy of Reference and Truth-Value in the Philosophy of Mathematics’ by Tim Button and Sean Walsh has been posted on The paper nicely organizes the various options in a very clear and revealing way, and throws light on a number of … Continue reading

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Encore #14: The Pavel Haas Quartet reviewed

We had tickets to hear the Pavel Haas Quartet three weeks ago, and again for today when they were due to play the Schubert Quintet. Very sadly, they have had to cancel their series of four London lunchtime concerts this … Continue reading

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Encore #13: Tasks for philosophers of mathematics?

Here again is one of my very first blog-posts, musing about what philosophers of mathematics with my cast of mind might usefully get up to … Tired of ontology? (May 13, 2006) It requires a certain kind of philosophical temperament — … Continue reading

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Encore #12: Advice on the book problem

During the lifetime of the blog, I have retired, which has meant that I lost the use of a university office to keep books — and indeed I lost all the shelves in an adjacent teaching room which I also used. A major book … Continue reading

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“As we approached Florence …”

“As we approached Florence, the country became cultivated to a very high degree, the plain was filled with the most beautiful villas, and, as far as the eye could reach, the mountains were covered with them; for the plains are … Continue reading

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Another categorial week

I’m at rather a troublesome point in putting together the Gentle Introduction. That’s because I really can’t put off any more writing a couple of introductory chapters, one on ‘Structures’ and one on ‘Sets’, to say something first about the very idea of … Continue reading

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Encore #11: Eine kleine Klein-musik

After three long encores, here’s a short musical interlude for the mathematical which I first linked to in 2008. Fun if you’ve not encountered it before, and still fun to hear again.

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Encore #10: Parsons on intuition

Just yesterday, Brian Leiter posted the results of one of his entertaining/instructive online polls, this time on the “Best Anglophone and German Kant scholars  since 1945“. Not really my scene at all. Though I did, back in the day, really love … Continue reading

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