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Encore #9: Parsons on noneliminative structuralism

I could post a few more encores from my often rather rude blog posts about Murray and Rea’s Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion. But perhaps it would be better for our souls to to an altogether more serious book … Continue reading

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Encore #8: Perhaps not the strongest argument ever?

For some reason that now escapes me, I found myself in early 2008 reading An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion by Michael Murray and Michael Rea (published by CUP in the same wide-ranging series as my Gödel book). I … Continue reading

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Encore #7: Postcards from Siena

Continuing the series of re-posts as we approach the tenth birthday of the blog. In the early years of the blog, The Daughter had a home near Siena, and we visited often, and we came to love the place. The … Continue reading

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CD choice #3

I have been listening and re-listening over the last week to Angela Hewitt’s new CD of sixteen Scarlatti sonatas. An experience I most certainly can recommend. She plays, as always, with such thought, precision, polish, articulation, sheer musicality. Some pieces … Continue reading

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More categorial gentleness …

A new version of the Gentle Introduction to Category Theory (version of Feb 8th, pp. x + 273) is now online. Get it (by preference) from my page or alternatively download it from the categories page here. Nearly all the sections from the … Continue reading

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Apple nerd note: Duet Display

If you have e.g. a MacBook of some description (or indeed a Windows machine), and an iPad, you can use the iPad as an additional display. Duet Display works over a USB cable, so is much much smoother and less flakey … Continue reading

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Encore #6: Gödel vs Turing

And from the same collection of articles, a link to a paper that I (for once!) unreservedly praised and agreed with. Church’s Thesis 13: Gödel on Turing (June 14, 2007) Phew! At last, I can warmly recommend another paper in … Continue reading

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Encore #5: Church’s Thesis and open texture

At various times, I have blogged a series of posts as I read through a book, often en route to writing a review. One of first books to get this treatment was  the collection of articles Church’s Thesis After 70 Years edited by Adam … Continue reading

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Encore #4: Amethe von Zeppelin

Reading Carnap’s Logical Syntax I was intrigued by the question who the translator was, and wondered aloud in a blogpost here. A correspondent kindly filled in some detail which I added in a second post. Afterwards, I was contacted by … Continue reading

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Encore #3: Paris then and now

Paris Hilton once seemed to be ubiquitous. She even made an appearance in Logic Matters: Paris 1967, Paris 2007 (May 16, 2007) No doubt you’ve all supported the campaign to absolve Paris Hilton from her prison sentence: after all, in … Continue reading

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