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Penelope Maddy on Set-Theoretic Foundations

Penelope Maddy has uploaded a recent paper, Set-Theoretic Foundations, to her page on (I needed to download the paper to get a readable version). The paper shows Maddy’s usual admirable virtues of great clarity. In the first main section, … Continue reading

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CD choice #4

Continuing my occasional series of CD recommendations, this is not at all my usual fare. But I happened to hear a slightly jazz-influenced arrangement of Purcell’s “A prince of glorious race descended” on internet radio (Otto’s Baroque Music, since you … Continue reading

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Hilary Putnam, 1926–2016

Such was Hilary Putnam’s very long winding path, his changes of direction, his jumpings across to traverse new fields, that different readers will surely be gripped by different stages of the journey. For me, the really golden period was from about 1960 … Continue reading

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One future for journal publishing, revisited

Back in September, I noted that Tim Gowers announced a new journal, Discrete Analysis. As I said then, the content of the journal probably won’t be of much interest to most readers of Logic Matters. But the form of the journal is … Continue reading

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Book Note: A little light algebra

Suppose, e.g. as a philosopher of mathematics, you want to get to know more mathematics (after all, it is always a jolly good idea for a philosopher of X to know more than a mere smidgin about X). One area which you … Continue reading

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And now we are ten …

This blog started ten years ago today. We’ve survived. So let’s have a birthday card, a favourite picture, from down the road in the Fitzwilliam.

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Encore #20: Keeping on keeping on …

I am getting ever-more buried in the expositional details of re-writing/expanding my Gentle Introduction to category theory. Which is fun, if you like that kind of thing, and I’m learning a great deal from the exercise:  but it is not really the sort of project liable to prompt … Continue reading

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Encore #19: Schubert’s piano music

Is it something about the philosophical temperament? But I have known a number of philosophers for whom Schubert’s later piano works are absolutely central among the music which means the most to them. Certainly they are for me. I have blogged over the years … Continue reading

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Encore #18: With a little help from my friends

The internet, we all know, some to very considerable cost, is a mixed blessing. But my experience with Logic Matters at least has been all positive. In particular, in 2012 when I was getting near to finalising the second edition of my … Continue reading

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Encore #17: Larkin was right …

The old always think the world is going to the dogs. I try to resist. Sometimes, though, it is difficult.  Going, gone (Nov 23, 2011) The main road west from Cambridge used to go down the main street of the … Continue reading

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