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Postcard from Cornwall

In Cornwall again, back in St Mawes. As lovely as before. The photo was taken walking along another little bit of the South West Coastal Path this morning, this time along the cliff-tops between Portloe and Pendower. On the whole, kind weather. Too kind, … Continue reading

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TYL 2017?

The Teach Yourself Logic 2016 Study Guide is linked here at Logic Matters but also at my (decidedly sparse) page. Rather startlingly, the latter link has now been followed up over 50K times. Who knows how much impact the Guide really has. Still, I occasionally … Continue reading

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Kurt Gödel, Philosopher-Scientist #5

The next paper in Kurt Gödel, Philosopher-Scientist is by Paola Cantù, on “Peano and Gödel”. The headline claim is that Gödel’s philosophical notebooks indicate that he had read Peano (and in particular Peano’s contributions to the Formulaire des mathématiques /Formulario Mathematico) rather carefully — and … Continue reading

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“Multiversism and Concepts of Set”

An interesting paper here by Neil Barton.

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Kurt Gödel, Philosopher-Scientist #4

After the two introductory papers, the volume we’re taking about divides into two parts: “Close Readings of some of Gödel’s Philosophical Remarks (Max Phil)” and “New Readings in Gödel’s Philosophy”, and in each part the papers are ordered alphabetically by … Continue reading

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Kurt Gödel, Philosopher-Scientist #3

We are talking about the second paper of this volume, namely “Kurt Gödel’s Philosophical Remarks (Max Phil)”  by Gabriella Crocco and Eva-Maria Engelen, and are turning to its third and final section titled  “The content of the Philosophical Remarks (=Max Phil). First insights”. (3) Crocco and Engelen say that the philosophical notebooks … Continue reading

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Kurt Gödel, Philosopher-Scientist #2

After John Dawson’s very introductory piece there follows another introductory paper, “Kurt Gödel’s Philosophical Remarks (Max Phil)” by the editors of the volume, Gabriella Crocco and Eva-Maria Engelen. All the essays in the book, by the way, are in English — … Continue reading

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“The 8000th Busy Beaver number eludes ZF set theory”

In case you haven’t seen it: this blog post by Scott Aaronson (on a new paper co-authored with Adam Yedidia), written with his usual clarity and zest, is fascinating!

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