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Intro to Formal Logic 2nd ed. — help, please!

If you know my Introduction to Formal Logic reasonably well, and in particular if you have at some time taught from it, do please read on! CUP suggested over a couple of months ago now that I write a second … Continue reading

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CD choice #7 (Bohemian rhapsodies against the Brexit blues)

Another in my sporadic sequence of random CD recommendations. And this is, in fact a recommendation for a sequence of eight disks, called Baroque Bohemia and Beyond (or in one case Bohemian Baroque), with the Czech Chamber Philharmonic, conducted by … Continue reading

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Colour at the Fitzwilliam

So there you are, out for a spot of hunting and general enjoyment, and these killjoys turn up to remind you of the fate which must, in the end, befall you.  No wonder you don’t look too pleased … This is from … Continue reading

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Not minding my ‘P’s and ‘Q’s

Books are never really finished. But the pressure to publish, to have something to show for your time, becomes too great. Or your friendly publisher goes from merely nagging to threatening to take back even your meagre advance if you delay delivery … Continue reading

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Duet Display again

I posted about this six months ago. But let me repeat myself, by way of a public service announcement! If you have e.g. a MacBook of some description (or indeed a Windows machine), and an iPad, you can use the … Continue reading

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