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Category Theory in Context

Congratulations to sometime Cambridge student Emily Riehl, now at Johns Hopkins. Her very illuminating lecture notes, aimed at beginners in category theory (albeit mathematically perhaps rather sophisticated beginners) have become a book, Category Theory in Context, published in a new … Continue reading

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Postcard from Paris

So, as it happened, we left for Paris on the day of the Presidential Election, and woke up in our hotel to the grim news the next morning. At least, being away from home, with so much else to distract … Continue reading

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Life’s choppier waters

My non-logical readings are rather random, except for one pretty firm rule — I try to alternate between reading something new (or at least, new to me), and re-reading something familiar (or at least something that would be familiar, if only … Continue reading

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In another troubled world …

In another troubled world, a young woman – enigmatically beautiful – forever wanders the streets of modernist suburban Rome. In this equally troubled world of ours, Monica Vitti, who played her so unforgettably, is 85 today. Which makes me feel rather old.

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