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The material conditional — analysis or replacement?

Update. I posted a couple of chapters, just 22 pages, hot off the laptop, from a bit later in the draft second edition of my Intro to Formal Logic about the material conditional. I’m now a little unhappy with them, … Continue reading

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Generating truth-tables in LaTeX

I have just added to the “Logicians’ miscellany” page of LaTeX for Logicians a new heading “Help for generating truth-tables”. There is now a link there to a Truth Table Generator webpage by Michael Rieppel. This page contains a JavaScript program … Continue reading

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Unsatisfying satisficing

There’s no getting away from it. You know perfectly well you can’t try to optimize a book — that way madness lies (or at least, never finishing). You know perfectly well you have to satisfice. But that is oh so … Continue reading

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Plural Logic, again

A second, paperback, edition of Plural Logic by Alex Oliver and Timothy Smiley is now out from OUP. As the cover says, it is ‘Revised and Enlarged’ – in fact it is almost fifty pages longer, with some new sections and … Continue reading

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