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Frege on “if”

I’ve been looking at the passage early in the Begriffsschrift where Frege introduces the material conditional — not, of course, using that label, and not of course with our notation. He notes that can be affirmed when A is denied or when … Continue reading

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Scott Aaronson on P ?= NP

As of course is the way with these things, no sooner had I put online TYL2017 than something appears which I would like to add to the Guide. Scott Aaronson has put together a 120 pages survey article on the … Continue reading

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Tom Leinster’s Basic Category Theory

I just love the opening two sentences of Tom Leinster’s 2014 introductory book, which still seem about as good a minimal sketch of what category theory is up to as you could hope for: Category theory takes a bird’s eye … Continue reading

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Teach Yourself Logic 2017

The Teach Yourself Logic 2016 Study Guide was viewed an astonishing 51K times and download 3K times from my page last year. It was also downloaded another 1.4K times from this Logic Matters site. I guess (or at least, hope!) … Continue reading

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