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Conditionals, yet again

It’s very predictable, I would imagine, that some of the chapters that have been giving me the most grief as I write the second edition of my logic text are the two chapters where I introduce the material conditional. In the last … Continue reading

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Holiday readings

Here are three suggestions for fun holiday reading — none of them new books, as it happens, but ones I’ve particularly enjoyed in the last few weeks. So, warmly recommended if you haven’t yet read them and are looking for pleasing distractions: Robert … Continue reading

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Slow logic

I’m all for taking things slowly. But this is getting ridiculous. But then, despite my all best resolutions, the lead up to the General Election here and its aftermath have all been quite ridiculously distracting. No wonder that the writing for the second edition of … Continue reading

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Dummett on Frege: a modest proposal

I’ve been wanting to think a bit about Frege on assertion (and the assertion sign, content stroke, judgement stroke, etc.). So after revisiting Frege himself — not at his best, here — it was natural to turn to Dummett’s great book. Except … Continue reading

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Pavel Haas Quartet at St John’s, Smith Square (and on BBC)

To London, to see the Pavel Haas Quartet at St. John’s, Smith Square. First, Beethoven Op. 127 (with, in particular, an absolutely magical performance of the great Adagio). And then, after the interval, the most joyful performance of Dvořák’s Piano Quintet No.2 … Continue reading

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