OUP philosophy book sale

In case you missed an announcement, OUP has a sale offer on philosophy books with 30% off across the board. (Go to the OUP site, click on the left at the top of the menu “Academical and Professional”). Neil Tennant’s brand new Core Logic which I mentioned in the last post is available, of course. And forthcoming books which I am looking forward to, which are likely to be of interest to readers of Logic Matters, include

  1. Elaine Landry, Categories for the Working Philosopher (Nov 2017).
  2. Geoffrey Hellman and Stewart Shapiro, Varieties of Continua: From Regions to Points and Back (Jan 2018).
  3. Tim Button and Sean Walsh, Philosophy and Model Theory  (Feb 2018).

Enthusiasts for category theory may also be interested in Olivia Caramello’s book
Theories, Sites, Toposes: Relating and studying mathematical theories through topos-theoretic ‘bridges’ (Nov 2017) — though I have in the past found it difficult to grasp her project, which sounds as if ought to be of interest to those with foundational interests.

All these books are available for pre-order in the sale.

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5 Responses to OUP philosophy book sale

  1. Jon Awbrey says:

    (ed) Working Philosopher

  2. Rowsety Moid says:

    I’m a bit confused about this. Your “OUP has a sale offer” link is just to the first page of the OUP web site. I don’t see anything about a sale there; there’s also nothing about a sale in the News section, and if I look up Open Logic, I don’t see anything about a sale or any reduction in the £45 price. So how does one find out about the sale or take advantage of it when ordering books?

    • Peter Smith says:

      I’ve edited above … works for me (and via a VPN too, so it isn’t dependent on recognising me as a previous customer).

      • Rowsety Moid says:

        I’ve tried looking at “Academic and Professional” and still don’t see anything about a sale.

        I don’t think a VPN necessarily stops cookies.

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