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CD of the year — runners up!

As I said, those lists of books-of-the-year only make me feel quite hopelessly out of touch, and leave me rather sadly wondering how to possibly find the time to read more. But lists of CD recommendations are much more cheering, and … Continue reading

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Logic books of the year?

It’s the season when the literary supplements are full of choices of books of the year. And I for one am made to feel I just Haven’t Been Keeping Up. Ah well … In fact, the only 2017 published novel … Continue reading

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When I were a lad …

When I were a lad, a conference on logic/phil maths was rare indeed, and got you a wet weekend in Keele, if you were lucky. Now there are more conferences than you can shake a stick at, and in delightful … Continue reading

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Excellence for free! — and any others I should know about?

It is very good to note that the excellent A Friendly Introduction to Mathematical Logic by Christopher Leary and Lars Kristainsen is now available as PDF for free download from the book’s webpage here (as well as still being available as a very … Continue reading

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