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More Dvorak

If you loved the Pavel Haas Quartet’s recording of the Dvorak Piano Quintet No. 2, Op. 81 and String Quintet op. 97, then you  should also love this new Dvorak recording by the terrific Jerusalem Quartet (with Veronika Hagen and Gary … Continue reading

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Dry January

For my Dry January, I tried to quit reading stuff about Brexit (after all, surely nothing much was going to happen for a month). Well, I miserably failed to quit outright. But I did cut down a bit, and I … Continue reading

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Category Theory: A Gentle Introduction

At long last, I have updated my  notes Category Theory: A Gentle Introduction (now some x + 291 pages). A good while ago, I received lists of corrections from a number of people, and just recently I’ve had another tranche of … Continue reading

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The Language of Category Theory

I’m taking a week or so off from on working the d****d second edition of my logic text (it’s quite fun, if you like that sort of thing, most of the time: but it is good to take a break). … Continue reading

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Georg Kreisel — partial bibliography

Clearing out an old box, I’ve come across a crumpled xerox of a bibliography of some two hundred papers and other pieces by Georg Kreisel, covering up to the early 1990s. I believe this biblio was passed on to me … Continue reading

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Pavel Haas Quartet play Schubert

For another couple of weeks you can listen via the BBC website to a characteristically intense performance of the Schubert G major Quartet D887 by the Pavel Haas Quartet, from the Schubertiade last June, recorded at the Angelika Kauffmann Saal, … Continue reading

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Symbol for assignment of a truth-value?

Here’s an odd thing. There seems, browsing along my shelves, to be no really standard symbolic metalinguistic shorthand used in elementary books for assigning a truth-value to a wff (say, in the propositional calculus). You would have expected there to … Continue reading

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