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LaTeX for Logicians — any suggestions?

I’ve just been (belatedly) sprucing up LaTeX for Logicians again, and repairing a regrettable number of broken links. Some of those broken links were due to changes at CTAN;  but a few were due to people who had useful pages on … Continue reading

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Three cheers for TeXShop

As I write this, I’m printing out a hard copy of the Gödel book — hopefully the version to be taken along to CUP along with the PDF file when they re-open next week. I’ve been tinkering with this second … Continue reading

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LaTeX for Logicians spring cleaned

The LaTeX for Logicians pages have been a bit unloved over the last year or more. But recently, a lot of links got broken when I eventually wound up what was left of my old university web pages. And that … Continue reading

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Under reconstruction

(Friday) I’m planning, over the next day or three, to experiment with updating Logic Matters with a classier new WordPress theme. I’m so far favouring the “Tarski” theme, not just because the name seems peculiarly appropriate for a logic blog, … Continue reading

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TTP, CUP, and a shiny new MBA

I suppose it was mildly daft to plunge into blogging about Alan Weir’s  TTP just as the beginning of term looms. There’s now a flurry of other things which I really need to be thinking about, just as I’m getting … Continue reading

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One logician’s iPad

There’s a new page on this site, linked on the right, for anyone interested. And for the rest of you, I’ll try henceforth to keep the blog an iPad-free zone. Mind you, I’m only saying try … [Added] Well, since … Continue reading

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Reading the iPad

Just a few thoughts, after five or six weeks of happy togetherness with my new iPad … It is no wonder that we love our books: in reading them, we cradle them close to our heart.1 Yes. And we similarly … Continue reading

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PhilTeX group blog

One to watch if you are a philosophical LaTeX geek? —  PhilTeX, a fairly new group blog on possibly relevant LaTeX matters. I’ve added links on the blogroll here and on the LaTeX for Logicians pages.

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Apologia pro iPad sua

(“Are you sure that ‘iPad’ is feminine?” Err …. Now you mention it, no. But let’s not fuss about that, eh?) Ok, I really didn’t intend to buy an iPad. Let alone buy one on the first day of availability … Continue reading

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Shiny new L4L

Ok, that took less time than I thought it would. So there’s now an exciting new improved LaTeX for Logicians to gladden geeky hearts. There are some rough edges which will get smoothed, but it is functional. Now tell me … Continue reading

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