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Truth trees for propositional logic

I’ve revised (and of course revised again, and re-revised!) the chapters on truth-trees for propositional logic for the second edition of my intro logic text. What took four chapters and forty pages has now become two chapters and twenty-eight pages, … Continue reading

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Conditionals, yet again

It’s very predictable, I would imagine, that some of the chapters that have been giving me the most grief as I write the second edition of my logic text are the two chapters where I introduce the material conditional. In the last … Continue reading

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Gerhard Gentzen’s Shorthand Notes

Springer have just published an exceptional volume that should quite certainly be in any university library that has any kind of logic collection. From the blurb of Saved from The Cellar – Gerhard Gentzen’s Shorthand Notes on Logic and Foundations of Mathematics: “Attempts … Continue reading

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Empty domains #1

From wild mathematical universes back to nothing much at all: the question of empty domains in first-order logic. Not that I have anything very insightful to say:  but I want to get my mind clearer before committing myself to a … Continue reading

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Frege on “if”

I’ve been looking at the passage early in the Begriffsschrift where Frege introduces the material conditional — not, of course, using that label, and not of course with our notation. He notes that can be affirmed when A is denied or when … Continue reading

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Teach Yourself Logic 2017

The Teach Yourself Logic 2016 Study Guide was viewed an astonishing 51K times and download 3K times from my page last year. It was also downloaded another 1.4K times from this Logic Matters site. I guess (or at least, hope!) … Continue reading

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The material conditional and the logic textbooks (3)

So turning to Nick Smith’s long and discursive book, what line does he take on the relationship between everyday conditionals and the material conditional? Smith, as usual, sets aside subjunctive conditionals; the issue then is the relation beween indicative conditional … Continue reading

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The material conditional and the logic textbooks (2)

Continuing from the previous post, I’ll consider five elementary textbooks aimed at philosophers, all either first published, or with new editions, well after e.g. Edgington’s State of the Art article. The first three texts I’ve chosen to look at because … Continue reading

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Tarski on disjunction

Before going off to Florence, I was reworking chapters on the material conditional for IFL2 (in fact I posted a couple of draft chapters here, which I then thought I could improve on,  and so I rapidly took them down again). While away, … Continue reading

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Logic (etc.) books of the year?

It’s that time again when the weekend papers are full of their lists of books of the year.  I have to say that so many recommendations sound frankly quite unappealing — surely, there’s a lot of literary virtue-signalling going on! —  but that still … Continue reading

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