Introduction to Gödel’s Theorems

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An Introduction to Gödel’s Theorems (CUP 2007; second edn. 2013) is published in a relatively inexpensive series, ‘Cambridge Introductions to Philosophy’. But don’t let that mislead you. IGT is actually a fairly techie logic book, intended for advanced undergraduates and postgraduates: it is long and full of theorems and many mathematics students should find it useful too. Still, it does aim to give a relatively relaxed and approachable exposition of the technicalities, and it does also provide a modest amount of commentary on the interpretation and significance of the theorems. You can get more idea of what the book covers by clicking on the thumbnail of its cover to go to the publisher’s page. You can also freely download a draft of the first chapter which gives an almost stand-alone introductory informal presentation.

IGT2 is some 25 pages longer than IGT1, the first edition — but this isn’t because of the addition of a significant amount of new material, but is due to a lot of rewriting to make the book even more reader-friendly. If you are the proud owner of the first edition, you are warmly encouraged to “upgrade” to the second edition! And certainly make sure your university library has the second edition (and preferably puts the first version into store).

Corrections and exercises

Other supporting materials

If your library only has available a copy of the first edition, then  you really should ask your librarian to speedily replace copies of the first edition with copies of the second. For the many needed corrections to the various printings of IGT1see here.