Teach Yourself Logic: A Study Guide (and other Book Notes)

Most philosophy departments, and many maths departments too, teach little or no serious logic, despite the centrality of the subject. Many graduate students will therefore need to teach themselves, either solo or by organizing study groups. But what to read? Students need annotated reading lists for self-study, giving advice about the available texts. The Teach Yourself Logic Study Guide aims to provide the needed advice. There are also supplements and further Book Notes of various kinds.

The main Guide and its Appendix are in PDF form, designed for on-screen reading.

There are some supplementary webpages:

  • About the Guide Is the Guide for you? A short excerpt on the general aim of the Guide and what it covers.
  • The Very Short Teach Yourself Logic Guide A summary of the headline recommendations on the core mathematical logic curriculum.
  • Serious Set Theory The final section of the Guide in stand-alone form.
  • Category Theory The first of some planned supplements.
  • Book Notes  Links to separate webpages on the books covered in the Appendix and also to other books on logic and the philosophy of mathematics. Latest new page added 28 Sept. 2104.

It goes without saying, of course, that all constructive comments and suggestions continue to be most warmly welcomed. Many thanks, in particular, to those who have earlier sent comments which are now deleted because I’ve taken up (or plan to take up) the suggestions in newer versions of the Guide.

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