THE BIG RED LOGIC BOOKS The headline news.

LOGIC MATTERS BLOG Peter Smith’s occasional blog posts on logic, music, and other enthusiasms. Most recent posts: ‘Another categorial update (Feb 23); ‘Reasoning with Attitude (Feb 26); ‘Miracle on St David’s Day. (Mar 1).

INTRO TO FORMAL LOGIC. A corrected version of the second edition of An Introduction to Formal Logic is freely available here. There are also links to answers to exercises and to various supplementary materials.

GÖDEL’S THEOREMS. Two books are freely available here, An Introduction to Gödel’s Theorems and the much shorter Gödel Without (Too Many) Tears, along with related materials.

CATEGORY THEORY Links to resources at an introductory/intermediate level, including lecture notes and freely available books, and my drafts Category Theory I: A gentle prologue and Category Theory II: Four basic themes.

THE STUDY GUIDE AND BOOK NOTES You will find here the much-downloaded Beginning Mathematical Logic: A Study Guide,  its Appendix reviewing some of the wider-ranging books on mathematical logic, together with a list of some forty further book notes.

ARCHIVE Links to various old blog posts, papers, more reviews and other pieces.

LaTeX FOR LOGICIANS Pages pointing to a wide range of resources of interest to logicians, philosophers and others using LaTeX.

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