Gödel at long last

Back from Tuscany, with — at long last — a complete draft of my book on Gödel’s Theorems; if you are interested, do download a copy of the PDF, for all comments/suggestions will be very, very gratefully welcomed (I’d rather hear about gruesome mistakes now while there is a chance to change things!). I’ve just sent the PDF off to the publishers for a final review: it is late and over the originally contracted length, so fingers crossed. But I’ve already cut out an amount of stuff, and I don’t see how to cut out more without spoiling things.

I was staying at my daughter’s house at Certano near Siena. Sadly that was last time I’ll be there as they are moving. I’ll greatly miss the view from the kitchen table where I often wrote.

It’s a strange feeling ‘finishing’ a book — scare quotes, because I’ll have to do an index and tidy some of the typography and read for typos and thinkos and respond to comments: it won’t be finally gone for weeks. But there comes a point with any book where, although you know you must be able to improve it, you basically have to let it go. Which is both a relief and an anxiety.

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