Gödeling along again

I’ve just posted a “maintenance upgrade” of the first 14 chapters of An Introduction to Gödel’s Theorems on the book’s website (and, now I’ve got a bit of time, redone the site from scratch as well so it is a lot neater). As I work through the book again, I’ve not myself yet found anything that needed drastic emergency surgery, though the old Chapter 14 messed up at one point, conflating Frege and Russell. Oops. I’ve managed to delete a few distracting paragraphs and tidy some discussions enough to save four pages so far, which will gladden the publisher’s heart.

About 500 people have now downloaded the book. I guess I don’t really want 500 sets of comments at this stage in the game — no chance of that, though! Still, it would be very good to get a few more than the very small handful I’ve had so far. Comments can be immensely helpful, often in unexpected ways. Keep them coming!

1 thought on “Gödeling along again”

  1. Dudley Q. Crackpot

    I took a quick look, and I found only one error: the assumption that Godel’s theorem is in fact correct.

    The theorem is a hoax, dammit, a hoax!

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