At long last …

I’ve just delivered the final version of my Gödel book to CUP (sent the PDF, taken round a print out). So that’s that, delayed a couple of months by family matters, though I hope the publication date won’t be much changed. I’ll have to restrain myself now from looking at it again before it appears.

At the moment I’m tolerably happy with the result. That has a great deal to do with Richard Zach who sent me some quite extraordinarily helpful late comments, including a handful that saved me from embarrassing errors. I am enormously grateful to him.

Of course, as is always the way, once you’ve finished a book you can see an alternative way of organizing it overall, patches that should have been done differently, things you could have included and other bits you could have dropped. Somewhere in Popper’s third world there is the better book I could have written. But the sublunary version will have to do.

While writing it, I’ve acquired a great stack of things I want to, need to, read, and ideas for a couple of follow-up books. But first, I’ve immediately got to dive in and write a talk for a workshop in ten days time on themes from Dan Isaacson’s paper, “Arithmetical truth and hidden higher-order concepts”. Should be fun.

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