Two books

Church’s Thesis After 70 Years edited by Adam Olszewski, Jan Wolenski and Robert Janusz looks as if it might be a very useful collection. The bad news is that the hard copy is a steep 129 Euros. But the good news is that you can download a PDF version for just 22.50 Euros. Even better, although the publishers’ site says “Windows only”, that actually isn’t true as I quickly discovered. Buy it and then send in your Adobe reader digital ID and you’ll be sent a version that runs on your Mac. Great. Surely an unmissable bargain!

A tiny grumble though. Why do editors of collections such as this one too often take the easy way out and just print pieces in the alphabetical order of the authors’ names? They know their way around the contributions, and know what a sensible reading order would look like ….

My Introduction to Formal Logic is perhaps not quite so terrific. But it has its moments, and those who have used it quite like it. But the sales figures I got this morning aren’t very hot. There would seem to be two options. Either sigh, wish I’d listened to the wise advice not to bother to write Yet Another Logic Book for an overcrowded market, and let it go. Or try to persuade CUP to have a relaunch with a revised improved edition two or three years hence. Of course, the former is the wise move! But the proud parent would inevitably like to see the tottering toddler do better …

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