Diversions: Stripes, Bach, cats and soup

The hundreds — nay, countless thousands — who regularly look at this blog for its sheer entertainment value may be feeling just a bit short changed, what with all those heavy duty posts on Church’s Thesis interspersed with moans about tripos marking. What kind of way is that to treat a devoted readership? So here are some assorted diversions (the Monday Colour Section, if you like).

  1. First, you might have missed this about causation, late on BBC2 a few nights ago: and there’s a new CD out in a few days!
  2. Not to your taste? Then here’s an even better reason to be cheerful — dates for a world tour announced.
  3. Then there is the silly website of the day.
  4. Recipe of the day (from my all-time favourite restaurant — worth a detour!)
  5. And announced today, more about Leopard … looks truly amazing.

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