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The last tripos meeting today, and as always justice was of course done. I wish. (Oh, roll on the day when we stop having to place students in artificially bounded classes — first, upper second, etc. — and just rank-order on each paper and give transcripts …). As chair of the examining boards for Parts IB and II, I’ve been much distracted this week, but I hope to get back to finishing my blogview of the Olszewski collection over the weekend, and then I’m thinking of turning to the papers in the recent collection on Absolute Generality edited by Agustin Rayo and Gabriel Uzquiano.

A delight in the post today (a belated birthday present). Four Haydn CDs to fill random holes in my otherwise almost complete collection of the Lindsays‘ recordings (almost, because I’ve never been moved to get the remainder of their Tippett disks). One of the terrific things about living in Sheffield in the nineties is that we overlapped with the Lindsays at their peak. They lived in the city, and often played at the Crucible Studio Theatre. That was a wonderful small space: they would sit facing each other in a square with three hundred or so closely packed around in tiers, and in that intimate atmosphere play with an unmatched intensity and directness, talking to the audience between pieces. Nothing has come close since.

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