Forthcoming attractions …

Well, having perhaps rather foolishly said I was thinking about blogging on the Absolute Generality collection edited by Agustin Rayo and Gabriel Uzquiano, I’ve been asked to review it for the Bulletin of Symbolic Logic. So that decides the matter: it is unrestricted quantification, indefinite extensibility, and similar attractions next! Oh what fun …

You can get a good idea of what is in the collection be reading the introduction here. And I’ll start commenting paper by paper next week — starting with Kit Fine’s paper — as a kind of warm up to reviewing the book “properly” for BSL. All comments as we go along will of course be very welcome!

1 thought on “Forthcoming attractions …”

  1. Unrestricted quantification, indefinite extensibility, and similar attractions? Sounds excellent. :)

    I’ll be following along!

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