Isaacson again

Hooray! A version of my talk at the Isaacson day we had in Cambridge a couple of months ago has been accepted by Analysis, and will appear in January. Michael Clark has kindly agreed to publish it as a preprint on the Analysis website shortly (as soon as I can un-LaTeX it into a W*rd document, arggghhh!).

For the moment, I’ve put a link to a late draft of the paper in the “Other materials” page on the Gödel book website which (at last) I’m starting slowly to build up. I need in particular to put my mind to compiling fun(?) sets of exercises. That’s because IGT does not contain end-of-chapter exercises, for two reasons. First, the book is already long and adding copious exercises would have made it longer still. Secondly, I didn’t want to put off the more philosophically inclined half of my readers by making the book look too forbidding.

I discovered the first misprints today. But fortunately tiny ones — on p. 341 I oddly use “primitively recursive” twice. But as misprints go, these are not going to cause any loss of sleep!

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