One hundred and counting …

I’ve just noticed that this will be the hundredth post: which is a landmark of sorts! So why do I bother?

Hmmmm, a good question! Here’s what I officially tell myself. It’s a pretty good discipline writing notes on at least some of what I’m reading (otherwise, these days, I forget depressingly much of what I’ve just been thinking about as soon as I move on to the next thing!). And if I am writing notes for myself, I might as well post some of them here, for whatever they are worth. I’ve always really enjoyed reading brief comments and replies, the more relaxed the better — right back from the days of the replies at the end of e.g. Words and Objections and the Schilpp volumes through to, for example, current exchanges on FOM. So hopefully others might similarly find some of my ramblings useful too.

And unofficially? Well, it’s just fun sounding off …

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