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The translation of Eckart Menzler-Trott’s Gentzen book as Logic’s Lost Genius: The Life of Gerhard Gentzen is announced on the AMS website. I look forward to reading that a lot.

[Added: Shawn comments that it would be good if Gentzen’s collected works could be reissued. I wrote to Dover some months ago about this and they said they would “give it our serious consideration”. I’ve just mailed again to see how things have developed, if at all, and will keep you posted.]

[Added: Fred Szabo has also sent an email to my contact at Dover to encourage them to do a reprint!]

5 thoughts on “Gentzen book details”

  1. Good news.

    (Your link isn’t referring; I googled the title and found it in the new books section of the bookstore).

    Didn’t Goedel once remark that he considered Gentzen to be the better logician?

  2. That sounds like a rather interesting book. It would be nice if it created enough interest in Gentzen’s work that his collected works would be reissued and made more readily available.

  3. Dag Prawitz’s Natural Deduction was republished by Dover in 2006. In the preface he has some interesting remarks; Christian Thiel is transcribing some newly found shorthand manuscripts of Gentzen’s, and von Plato will have an article on his logic here:

    (Of course, maybe this is old news to you guys).

  4. I just noticed the additions to the post. I would be glad to pass along an email request to the proof theorists and other logicians in my area (Pittsburgh), as there are a fair few, if it would increase the chances that Gentzen’s papers would get a reprint.

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