Eat your heart out again

As a bit of a break from absolute generality, I’ve just started reading Melvin Fitting’s short book Incompleteness in the Land of Sets. I’ll write some comments here when I’ve finished it (which shouldn’t take long, as there are just 134 pages before the endmatter): but the book so far promises to be absolutely excellent.

Meanwhile, for anyone passing by Siena this summer (and to make Tim Crane even more envious), a couple more recommendations. An old favourite is Bottega di Lornano (though be warned, locals out for a special meal seem expected to have huge appetites): the pici with a pork ragu with fennel seeds and pine nuts is amazing. While twenty yards from our door, La Porta del Chianti is less hardcore, seems to have more of a tourist clientele in the summer, but is still pretty good and they care a lot about their wines.

It will have to be marmite on toast for a fortnight to recover …

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  1. Blue Devil Knight

    I have started reading (and greatly enjoying!) your book. Is there a forum for discussion of the book where I can ask questions? I thought I saw one a few weeks ago, but I can’t seem to find it.

    I hope you don’t mind this question irrelevant to your original post.

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