Forthcoming book of interviews on philosophy of mathematics

I stumbled across a link to this, announcing a forthcoming book Philosophy of Mathematics, 5 Questions, in which a pretty impressive line-up of people (from Jeremy Avigad, Steve Awodey, John L. Bell alphabetically through to Philip Welch, Crispin Wright, and Edward N. Zalta) respond to five questions about the philosophy of mathematics. Some quite extended excerpts from answers are available on the website, and they indicate that the questions posed were these: “1. Why were you initially drawn to the foundations of mathematics and/or the philosophy of mathematics? 2. What examples from your work (or the work of others) illustrate the use of mathematics for philosophy? 3. What is the proper role of philosophy of mathematics in relation to logic, foundations of mathematics, the traditional core areas of mathematics, and science? 4. What do you consider the most neglected topics and/or contributions in late 20th century philosophy of mathematics? 5. What are the most important open problems in the philosophy of mathematics and what are the prospects for progress?” Some authors seem to have answered point by point, others written reflecting more generally. It looks as if the result will be very readable and will provide an interesting snap-shot of the state of the philosophy of mathematics at the moment.

The book is announced for October: no price seems to be given, though previous books in the series have been very inexpensive.

2 thoughts on “Forthcoming book of interviews on philosophy of mathematics”

  1. Why not this question as well?

    2′. What examples from your work (or the work of others) illustrate the use of philosophy for mathematics?

    Wouldn’t it be equally interesting?

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