Anjan gets real

Continuing the project of bankrupting my readers by recommending unmissable books to buy, let me add another warm recommendation, for Anjan Chakravartty’s A Metaphysics for Scientific Realism which has just appeared on the new book shelves at the University Press’s bookshop. On a quick browse through, it looks predictably terrific: Anjan is certainly tackling the right issues, and I’ve liked other things that he’s written about realism. I see that I come in for stick in Chapter 7 for some overhasty stuff I wrote a decade ago, and probably quite right too.

(It’s a handsome bit of book production too, as is usually the case with CUP. That’s more than can be said for the “Schilpp” volume on Dummett which has just arrived: the typography is an insult to the eyes.)

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