Leopard, second impressions

I’m still dosed up to the eyeballs and so finding it annoyingly difficult to concentrate on work. I am supposed to be thinking more about issues related to ACA0 — especially as I’m due to talk about this sort of stuff at Dan Isaacson’s seminar in Oxford in a couple of weeks. I certainly hope that normal brain functioning is restored sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, apologies for the consequent lack of any very interesting content here recently!

Still, I’ve been able to play with Leopard more than perhaps I’d have otherwise been able to. I’m still rather impressed. As well as the obvious things, there are lots of neat little improvements. To mention just one, being able to write yourself notes and handle reminders inside Mail turns out to be just very useful (more so than I’d have ever predicted). Of course, it is all very sad to get excited about things like that. But there it is. I’m sure I’ll get better soon.

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