Ray Gravell

Ray GravellI was sad to read that Ray Gravell, a stalwart of the great Welsh team of the 1970s, has died. Reading some of the obituaries brought back memories of those glory days. Here are J.P.R. Williams, Gerald Davies, Ray Gravell and Steve Fenwick. What heroes!

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  1. Dafydd Iwan was Grav’s favourite singer and it’s well known that before games he would sing Dafydd Iwan songs emotionally especially ‘Yma o hyd’! Dafydd Iwan will be singing at Ray Gravell’s public service at Stradey Park in Llanelli at 1pm on 15 November.

    A campaign has started on Facebook to try and get the song ‘Yma o Hyd’ into the top 40 of the UK Charts this week in memory of Ray Gravell, and Dafydd Iwan has stated that profits will be going to the Ray Gravell memorial trust. Please buy ‘Yma o hyd’ online from itunes (or another online store) – it will only cost you 79p. Going by recent trends, ‘Yma o Hyd’ should reach the top 40 of the UK Charts if more than 3,000 copies ar sold on Itunes. More than 2,000 people on Facebook have already promised to buy the single. Please buy THIS VERSION now (Dafydd Iwan ac Ar Log – Album: Yma o Hyd – Song 21: Yma o Hyd)

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