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Ah well, sales for the first three months of the Gödel book are not exactly on a Harry Potter scale. But my editor does seem reasonably pleased. Still, sales in North America are (proportionally) nowhere near as good as those in the UK and Europe. So c’mon, people, some serious spreading the word is needed out there! The Gödel book is terrific: every grad student should have a copy, and every library should have three …. You know it makes sense.

4 thoughts on “Spread the word!”

  1. Hello Peter.

    I ordered 1 copy from Waterstone’s and paid in advance. Sadly it came through torn and with (what looked like) blood on the pages. Send it back and hopefully will get another by Saturday.

    Comments so far, the cover is awful. Who chose the red against yellow? On the positive side, it is very heavy and clearly good value.

    I will recommend it for our ‘Gentlemen’s book club’ which hitherto has chosen works of fiction (despite my insistence that fiction is not true, and therefore no subject for gentlemen). It will be a choice between that and Dawkin’s latest. Sadly I suspect they will choose Dawkins, being mainly lawyer types, who understand little of these mathematical shenanigans.

    I look forward to reading it on the train.

  2. Heavens, it was hard work writing it, but I didn’t realize I’d actually left blood on the pages … :-)

    The cover seems to be the series style for the “Cambridge Introductions to Philosophy”, so not my choice. But I’ve got used to it. And putting it into that series means the book is published at relatively cheap price, which I can’t complain about.

    Actually, the Dawkins God book is a very good read, and will provoke a lot of discussion — so I’d go with that!

  3. More like a tenner. In fact, I don’t think I even get a pound per copy sold … (Writing logic books is not a route to wealth!)

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