Oh no …. more geekery

I’ve just discovered — about eight months after everyone else — that WordPress (the cool alternative to Blogger for hosting/managing a blog) can handle LaTeX code, so can do nice looking logic stuff. I was already trying to resist following the daughter’s lead and migrating there, but this might tip the balance. Watch this space …

3 thoughts on “Oh no …. more geekery”

  1. Oh no, I’ve created a monster!! (or, at least, I’ve created another reason for Mum to say “PUT THAT LAPTOP DOWN!”


  2. hmm,
    on the other hand, blogger’s blogs are very easily found in google,
    blogger’s interface allow strong and simple interactions with other web.2 google apps, like google’s calendar or google’s reader (I use the latter on my blog http://www.theoreme.blogspot.com/). Can you have similar properties on wordpress’ blogs, as easily as blogger allows ?

  3. Dear Prof. Smith,

    I found a nice way to display math symbols using MathML and LaTeX commands: details here, and you can see it in action on my blog.

    Thanks for the cool posts!

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