Postcard from Milan #3

Continuing to wax lyrical about the food here would quickly get very boring, so I won’t — I’ll just say that if you get a chance to eat at the Trattoria dei Cacciatori, something of a Milanese institution, in old farm buildings on the outskirts of the city, then do take it!

But enough already. It has been very good being here again, in all sorts of ways (not just gastronomic!). And in the gaps between other things, I’m having the welcome chance to idly turn over in my mind what my next work project(s) should be. For the first time in far too many years, I find myself a completely free agent. No journal to edit, no necessity to write anything to get brownie points for this or that purpose, no new courses I need to work up. The feeling of freedom is quite a novelty. Slightly disconverting, but I’m rather enjoying it. And some possible ideas are already beginning to take shape …

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