Back to the grindstone

Hmmm, the next ten weeks or so are going to be busy.

For a start, I must find time to finish reading the papers in the Absolute Generality collection, and I’ll no doubt continue to try to say something about them here. Not that the topic thrills me anywhere near as much as the number of posts might suggest, but it does remain puzzling, I have promised to write a BSL review, and blogging about the papers is as good a way as any of making myself do the reading moderately carefully.

Then at the beginning of term there is a Graduate Conference on the Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics in the faculty which promises well, and I’m down to comment on the first paper on vagueness (a topic on which I’ve got pretty rusty).

During term, I’m now giving some seminars to second-year students on the Bell/DeVidi/Solomon text, Logical Options. That book isn’t at all ideal, on a closer look, but I can’t think of anything better to cover the sort of ground the students need to cover, though that will certainly involve writing some supplementary notes. I’ll link to the notes here as they get done.

And then there’s going to be all the homework for the grad seminar I’m running with Thomas Forster on model theory, working through the shorter Hodges.

Oh, and I’ve promised to talk to the Jowett Society in Oxford in February. Gulp.

Well, I’ve only myself to blame, given that those are all works beyond the call of duty. Still, it should be tolerable fun (on the logician’s rather stretched understanding of ‘fun’). Better make a start tomorrow, though …

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